3rd June 2015 Rone Haslam Race Day Travel Arrangements

We need to think about how we are getting to Donnington on 3.6.15 for the London Bikers Corporate Race Day.

I was thinking Mini Bus but then we would have to get it the night before as it can’t be collected till 8am and with all the meet ups required to get everyone we wouldn’t get to Donny in time to sign on. If we get it the night before it would be another days hire charge therefore double the cost.

We need to be there for 11:30 the very latest so really we need to be on the M1 by 09:00 the latest as you need to give yourself at least 2 hours once on the M1 to get there in a Mini Bus.

If we go in Cars we need to work out who is going from where and if we can car share so we don’t have to take so many Cars, Or we could go on the Bikes and make a Rideout of it. I reckon we could do it in 2 hours on the Bikes and we could all meet at the services on the M1 at 09:00 with a view to leave by 09:30 the latest. The only problem with this is coming off a race track straight onto your own bike may make you a little open to speeding fines or accidents on the way home!! plus the ammount we do in fuel between us we may aswell of hired the MiniBus from the night before.

I’ve started a poll for the choice so please vote what you would prefere, and can i please ask that only people going to this event vote otherwise you will spoill it for everyone as the vote will be pointless.

I’d say car I guess, even though I dont have one! :w00t:

Cool, There is 19 of us going (Not Including Spectators) but Brian lives that way now so it’s only 18 plus any gear you want to take, so realistically we need 5 or 6 cars to go. we then need to work out who lives where and who will go in what cars.

I can take people from Essex/East London, we could meet at J&S Gants Hill (or somewhere else central) and get on the A406 from there up to the M1. I will have my Mate Clive with me so could get 2 more in, ChrisB is probably the Closest plus A N Other

I live near Limehouse

I’m driving but live in dunstable near M1 so unless anyone lives near me or wants to ride to mine and leave their bike in the garage I’ll be going on my own.
Also bare in mind if someone does come off and hurts themselves getting back on their bike might be difficult!
Also bare in mind it’s a weekday and will still be rush hour when you all need to leave so give yourselves a bit longer to get to M1/ up the M1!

Cool, we can come via you. I can get Chris then come to Limehouse then get off from there.

Thats 1 car sorted, just need to get 4 or 5 others done now :slight_smile:

I live near Stratford but I don’t really mind riding to someone’s place (as long as it’s not tens of miles) if where I am is too far to pick me up. Got no car either unfortunately to help out with the logistics.

I’ve voted car, although like a few others here I don’t have one :smiley: I’m in Epsom, so Surrey area :ermm:

When in Donnington - check out the Nortons :smiley:

I have a car and am based in Highbury. I will have space for 1 or 2 depending on being able to get an extra spot for my fella to join.

Have you seen the post Sherrie? Your Fella is able to Join now if you want as i have the spaces available

Be aware that vast stretches of the M1 are 50 mph with cameras at the mo for roadworks and the jams are horrendous both ways. Allow loads of time.

I voted for minibus, but i’ll do cars if people wan’t that.
Live in Wood Green, north London. Don’t have a car, so if we are going with the car option i’ll have to tag along someone…

Just to add- yeah, the stretch of that horrible 50mph is about 20 miles (and of course it goes both ways), so especially if you’ll be going there on weekday morning there might be veeery long delays… Went to Donnington last Monday for BSB and although it was still a bank holiday, it was packed…

Come early if you want, I’ll put the kettle on!

I was thinking if we all leave London about 8:30-09:00 it gives us 3.5 hours to get there before the Sign on time (12pm for the Blades), If we arrive early we are allowed in the Corporate Lounge from whenever we get there and the Refreshments will be available from whenever we arrive, we also have a Host in the Lounge that is also there to offer advice on the circuit etc so it may be an Idea to arrive early to take advantage of that.

No, I hadn’t seen it! Will check now :slight_smile:

We need to sort out all the areas that the majority of people are coming from and who will be driving so that we can get the travel sorted as not long to go now.

I think we will need 6 or 7 car loads

I will start it off.

Sam (me)- Hornchurch, Essex. 1 car 2 spaces taken (myself & Clive) 2/3 Spaces left.

Epsom, Surrey - 0 car and need a ride :smiley:

I can take my car giving 3 spaces (4 at a squeeze)