3D printed electric motorcycle


NOWLAB has developed the world’s first fully 3D printed and functional e-motorcycle, the NERA e-motorcycle by Marco Mattia Cristofori with Maximilian Sedlak! All parts, excluding electrical components, have been 3D printed, including tires, rims, frame, fork and seat.

The NERA combines several innovations developed by NOWLAB, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology” explains Daniel Büning, Co-founder and Managing Director of NOWLAB. “This bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape AM technology as we know it.


It looks a little unstable, seeing the rider shake around a few times. But it’s fantastice that a motorcycle can actually be completely printed now. I bet the development of this will be amazing in a few years time.

And wow, airless tyres. I love to see a documentary on that alone.


Airless tyres, forkless steering, tasteless design. Did they intentionally make it look bad?