i am a student living at heme and i am already thinking about my next bike which i will probably be buying at the summer :)would any one prefer any of the 600cc bikes to get them restricted or just buy an old VFR 400cc? :wink:
thank you

from what I’ve heard, the vfr400 is not a good newbie bike. its too sporty
you also need to know what you are doing to maintain (which would need a lot to keep its amazing handling).
also, wont you need the vfr restriced?

id go for a either something like a bandit (and restrict it), or what i did and get a bros 400.

My first bike was an RVF400, and you will still need to restrict them to be legal. The restriction is just four washers and is easy to take out when your licence dictates. They are brilliant bikes and there’s a heap of parts and online advice available from specialist forums. I think they are gorgeous and there’s nothing quite like the sound of the V4 with an aftermarket can on.

The only downside for me was at 6’2" they are absolutely tiny and obviously not the most comfortable of bikes.

Anyway, I ignored all the good advice I received at the time and bought one anyway. Then I wept like a baby when I crashed it.

what are the difference between the VFR and RVF? at the moment i am thinking of a bandit 650 :slight_smile: and restrict it even tho i am only thinking of buying a next bike at the summer…
i don’t really want to buy an old bike like bros because of the parts if it starts to brake down :frowning: that’s the reason why i am putting my self on VFR 400…

p.s. i am drivin aprilia rs 125 de-restricted at the moment

if i was in your shoes i would get the rvf 400

saying that i would buy one in my shoes :slight_smile:

Doesn’t a derestricted RS125 make 33bhp already? In which case you shouldn’t really be riding one on L plates but you knew that already :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think many people will agree with me but when I passed my test I got an old CX500 restricted to 33bhp and it’s been brilliant. It’s not too fast (won’t get me killed or points on my license) but will pull away from almost all cars at the lights and will do 90mph on the motorway easily, which is good while you’re still gaining experience. It’s very cheap to buy and even cheaper to maintain, which is helpful if you’re a student. It’s easy to learn how to do basic maintenance on, although there is hardly any maintenance needed. Its a heavy heavy bike, which is good because it gets you used to riding much larger heavy machines than the 125 that you’ll have ridden before. They’re indestructible, which means if you do drop it, it’ll probably be fine, and if you are a little haphazard on the controls then it’ll put up with you. Also it’s comfortable to ride and good with luggage (shopping etc). I took mine from Devon to Scotland last year and it performed fine.

The cons are that it isn’t at all sporty and has a particularly uncool reputation, the plastic maggot. Either way I’m happy that I’ve had it, it’s given me some good experience which will help when I do move on to larger and more powerful machines. Also it was all I could afford at the time, costing only £450 for a good condition bike with only 26k miles, never couriered.

I would recommend it if you’re not too concerned with looks, otherwise I’ve also ridden the er5, cb500 and cb600f which are all also good steps up from a 125 to get a bit of experience on.

most parts seem to be on wimoto, and being honda lots of parts are still used on todays bikes (and some on the ntv650). it was built like a brick sh*t house, mines 22years old, and looks about 6years old.
all the weight is low down, so you don’t notice it, and can hanle like a 125, will happily sit at 80, and get away from lights quickly.
the only downsides are that it has a 90mile tank radius (with a bit of work you can fit the tank from the 650, which brings it upto 170), costs 10p a mile in petrol, and the pillion seat is cwap.

my aprilia does about 90 - 95 mph and is geting to slow to get to that speed and the saund at that speed is just innourmous… so i would like a sporty bike (preferebly) that would do that kind of a speed without a hastle :wink:

get a bandit


Thought about an SV650?

no i have not thought about sv650… any good?


im told they take restriction well as well.

If you get a VFR400 I can lay my hands on a cheap restrictor kit for you !!!

that would be awsom so roughtly what i am looking for in price wice for the kit?

It will make 33bhp while being seriously redlined.

If you want make 33bhp without taxing the engine so hard get a (proper) higher displacment bike.

SV650’s are still pretty quick even with the restrictor in.

Have you considered the baby Ninja? The Kawasaki zx250R might be just the right bike for you. Looks great and is frugal with fuel.

+1 for an SV650

Just get used to the engine braking, so you dont flip yourself when you go into a turn too hot and bottle.

The point that you’ve chopped off still stands though

Technically riding outside of terms of licence … technically riding uninsured … no?

yea my one is suppose to do 33bhp but the engine is tired so it propably produses about 23bhp :smiley: and i didint know nothing about the bikes when i brought it so i didint know it was derestricted :frowning:

so i want to do my restricted licence and get a bigger bike :wink:

i dont really like sv 650, unles it’s sv650 s and new but then its to expensive to buy :pinch: