33BHP or Near

Hi, I’m basically looking for a bike to buy with the money i get from selling my NSR WHEN I pass my A2 test lol. I cant have anything to poky cuz I cant afford £14k insurance lol. So basically any suggestions would be welcome. Most likely looking at round 1-2 grand. I’m cheap like that. Im a student.

Pll tell me sv650 are good for insurance, but i hear GSXR400 are good cuza the engine size. I dont. Let me know

Get yourself a Honda Bros 400… 33 BHP on the nose… its built like a tank ands cheap to insure

Why don’t you just derestrict your NSR? It’s a lot lighter than a 400 and I’m sure it’ll pump out 33hp at full power (the rs125 at full power does). Use the money you save to buy yourself a badboy exhaust.

The Ducati Monster Im selling is restricted to 33bhp . . . well on paper anyway . . .