30th June - Speedway at Lakeside Arena! Chance to get on Sky TV!

30th June 7:00PM Meet at Lakeside Arena Essex.

Lakeside Hammers have invited us back to another night of Speedway. This time it’s against the Coventry Bees and this time it’s going to be screened live on Sky Sports.

The Hammers would like us to take part in the parade lap that marks the start of the event hence the 7:00 pm meet time! It’sgreat thatthey’ve asked us to be involved and as with last time we’re getting the same reduced admission price.

Here’s link to some of the action from the last one we went to:


So there’s a chance you get your pride and joy featured on TV but more improtantly support Speedway!

Please add your name to this thread if you’re looking to be part of this one!

i missed tha last one so i shall try my bst to attend this one!!:smiley:

do we get a go on a speedway bike!?:w00t::smiley:

I better give my baby a proper clean and get her looking gorgeous for the cameras :stuck_out_tongue:



The Hammers would like us to take part in the parade lap

does that mean riding your road bike round a dirt track?

No.We’re on the outer ring and that’s tarmac.

tis does sound bloody kool!

also seen speedway on telly a few times, it does look good!!:smiley:

Hehe Maybe a chance to get the leathers on TV… :slight_smile:

We wil have to mask you up tho! the public cannot see fluro boys face!!

on and someone phone them and advise them too tint teh camera lens:P:D

Will have a helmet, so no worries there… :slight_smile:

oh yeah! durgh!..

well i can see teh headlines now…‘superhero blinds sky viewers’:smiley:

Brilliant! I can’t wait, I loved it last time, and we’ve been watching the Speedway GP on Eurosport since. You need to understand that the Lakeside Hammers have some of the TOP GP riders in the world.

I quite fancy this actually:)(subject to weather reports;))

Although i live 10 minutes from Rye House Stadium I’ve never seen speedway before:w00t:

WICKED…i’m coming! on the pocket rocket again though so no p*sstaking please lol:D

30th June…Monday night right? I’ll be there cos it was brilliant last time:D

It was on a Friday last time wasnt it? (just checking;))

Yes it’s on a Monday so that it ties in with Sky Sports schedule.

Im up for it - I’ll be there :cool:

Gutted, I’m away on holiday from the 28th, I’d have been well up for this too!!

I’ll try to get to the next one though, I love a bit of speedway…

Shame you’re missing this one but we will be doing others! :slight_smile:

I’ve already organised to go with mates… is alright if we tag on!!!