300 MPH Bike

Prepare to have your mind blown:


He looked like he shit himself when that Turbo kicked in on the Dyno! lol

and the picture of the Turbo looks like someone has photoshopped a Turbo from a Lorry onto it!! That is one serious Turbo!! that must scare the life out of you when that kicks in. 

I’d love a go :slight_smile:

That bike would just flip over on the road!

IIRC it is a diesel turbo so possibly off a truck

Obviously no one’s read the article with it …
The turbo is of a design used on large diesel engines to minimise lag but to provide good continuous power but has been hand built /designed solely for this vehicle .

560bhp. Paltry! :grin:

Big cc racing have just finished their 770rwhp drag bike but they think they can get it to the 800rwhp mark.

Schaefer has a 500hp bking and his is road registered and ridden “occasionally” on the road. :scream:

Have fun holding onto the handlebars going that speed. haha.