300 miles and not a single other bike out there!

Rode just under 300 miles last night and didn’t see a single other biker. Where the hell is everyone ?

Playing MotoGP on the computer, feet all toasty, beer in hand and Christmas telly blairing. Where the hell did you ride 300 miles to?

My pillion and I were in Fulham having a farcical Christmas dinner; top tip of the day: avoid Miraggio in Fulham Road…

How was the Monster?

300 Miles, bl00dy hell, where did you go? good on ya mini-mo


Nice to see some people are not scared of the cold.

Who you calling a girl?

County Durham, so that’s 3 fuel stops on the Monster You could never go touring on it, that’s for sure.

Great trip, empty mway and lots of fun

Paivi - at mway speed you’re luck to get 110 out of a tank, to keep that in mind.

Off of find some eey-by-gum chain lube

You must have been going damned late at night not to see another biker on the road. I recenlty did a jaunt up to Cromer and saw loads of bikers even when coming back at 2;00 in the morning.

Left town at about 8ish, so no, not that late.

300 miles on a ducati? without repairs? maybe a world record…

She’s done 4000 miles in 5 months and without skipping a beat! The only complaint I have is with the size of the tank (who said size doesn’t matter?), oh and my arse after 500 miles in 24hrs a few months ago

The owner of the most gorgeous LB bike wrote: “You could never go touring on it, that’s for sure.”

Don’t tell me that, Matt!!! So not what I want to hear! I was hoping to do some continental touring.

Depends how fast you ride

About 130 till the light comes on, then maybe 20-30 miles if you’re A/B roading. But only about 90 miles to the light in town.

Or you can get the reserve tank fitted

I want to know why dinner was farcical


was only joking mate - love italian bikes as well…especially the mille and the tuono…

Ahem, you forgot the most gorgeous of them all: Vespa!

Went into Edinburgh today (up at my parents for crimbo) and saw a guy riding a 2004 ZX-10 soooo gingerly. I dont blame him it was bloody wet and slippy even in a car. Having said that he was wearing a cheap helmet, a yellow site jacket, blue cotton trousers and CAT boots… Hmmmm fishy methinks. No indicating and no filtering. Scared and trying not to attract attention? Thinking about it now I should probably have put a call in to plod… Too busy thinking about presents for people!

Also saw a guy in town on a tricked up 2002 R1, a GSXR SRAD and a few others. I wouldnt take my bike out in this!

They gave us a table right in front of the front door, so much so that every time somebody came in/went out, I had to get up.

We waited for 10 min for the menu, then when we finally got it, the waiter came back within three minutes to ask if we’re ready to order. He then returned two minutes later to check if we’re ready to order ‘yet’. So, we made our order, waited for 10min for the water, and another 10 min for him to come back to say they don’t have our starter. Eventually we got the starter and the main. The food was OK, nothing special, and certainly not worth the long wait.

We asked for the bill, and 20 min later it still hadn’t come, so we got up and put our jackets on. Then the manageress realised we hadn’t paid, and sent the bill. Which was wrong and included 15% tip! As if…

Sounds like a “service not included” YES I KNOW! kinda of meal.

Shoulda gone to Maccy Ds

Should have gone to Santa Lucia!

Still, off to Spain tomorrow for some tapas! Mmmmm…

best fuel consumption i’ve managed was 110 before the light…

…going round Brands!!!

that fastest bloke round the world on his r1 must have had fuelling fun - wouldnt’ have considered the r1 ‘frugal’!