30/06/2014 Brands Hatch Track Day Experience

So got home in one piece and with a very biggggg smile in my face all went pretty good for 1st track day. Lines still need practising but instructor say i was doing very well and gave me some points to work on which is great.
Had a off to gravel but lucky me didnt fall, got out of it myself and off i go until marshals got me back to pits for some talking about it, but that didnt scared me at all i mean gravel bit :D. I was improving more and more, on my last session got my knee down a little and felt my tow slider and knee slider hitting the tarmac and i was over the moon it was just a little scratch but that was my target for last 2 years. Goal achieved chicken strips gone hips in pain but im really proud of myself never thought i could do that well WHOOOHOO.
That is only my opinion!

Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy :D. I was wondering how it went for you. I bet your bodies telling you about all those previously unused muscles this morning though !

Did you have all day tuition or for just the one session?

I had just session tuition but it helped me so much its unreal. My hips is in pain from pushing knee out apart that im ok maybe didn’t try hard enough even i thought i gave all 110% :smiley:

I’ll post some video soon and pictures need to get it from my friends so all of you could have a look

Which school did use? I want to try Ron Haslam school at one point in Donington. A friend of mine had Hopp Rider Training recommended. Not sure which one to do now :smiley:

Has anyone got any recommendations?

i booked msvt instructor when i booked track evening

i booked msvt instructor when i booked track evening

if you want to do Hopp rider training, then get in quick, they are closing things down this year.

this is off their facebook page.

HRT - the final countdown

After 13 years of business, thousands of students, hundreds of laps of Cadwell Park and lots and lots of great times on 2 wheels, we are very sad to have to tell you all that 2014 will be the last year of Hopp Rider Training.

We have had a fantastically rewarding time helping other motorcyclists over the years, with our dedicated team of instructors (the best in the co…untry!), but the time has come to wrap it all up. The last 4 or 5 years have been difficult times for us and we have struggled (and failed sometimes) to make ends meet as the financial climate took a turn for the worse, and it has taken a lot of time and effort to keep the company going.

With Martin turning 70 in June and Rich busy with a full time business of his own and a young family to look after, we have decided that 2014 will unfortunately be our last go round. We have had one excellent Better Riding Day at Cadwell Park already this year, and one excellent Advanced Machine skills Day and there are still some events to come.

Advanced Machine Skills
Sunday 15 June 2014
Carver Barracks
Places left: Sold out
Current price: £135.00

Better Riding Day
Thursday 03 July 2014
Cadwell Park
Places left: 47
Current price: £165.00

Advanced Machine Skills
Sunday 31 August 2014
Carver Barracks
Places left: 7
Current price: £135

Better Riding Day Extra
Thursday 11 September 2014
Cadwell Park
Places left: 40
Current price: £210

So if you want to experience what we do again before we finish, get yourself booked on one (or more!!) of the excellent courses we have to offer and lets see if we can finish our last season in style with some nice full courses!

We all look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the rest of this year, and until then

Be Skilful

Mart and Rich

That’s a shame. All sold out too already so no HRT any more for us…