3 years!

3 years almost to the day from when I started commuting on my bike into London and today was my last day in my current job. Got new employment and will be working closer to home in Hertford with the option of taking the car when it’s a bit parky out or I just fancy sitting in traffic jams :stuck_out_tongue:

In numbers I reckon it works out around:

70,000 miles, 1,750 gallons of fuel costing about £10,000, 70 litres of engine oil, 30-odd tyres, god knows how many brake pads, 4 knee sliders, 3 chain and sprockets kits, 2 bikes and by some frackin miracle, 0 accidents - plenty of brown trouser moments though and one chain explosion ‘incident’ that took out half the engine on my old bike.

I need a beer…

stay with the vfr… best bike i have had the pleasure of riding…

Wow, you get through a tyre a month!?!?!?! How?!!?1!oneone

maybe it’s connected to the fact that he got through kneesliders on his commute :wink:

Sounds like one hell of a commute… :slight_smile: