3 x £10 tickets for MCN Motorcycle Show Saturday FEB 4th with free revolution show 2pm

Hi Folks,

If any of you are planning to go to the bike show at Excel and haven’t got tickets yet I have three spare going for £10 each on a first come first served basis! The price is printed on the ticket and im not profiting from these… I bought 10 tickets for 100 quid in November and only 7 of us are going !! The tickets are for Sat 4th Feb only.

The ticket includes a free 2pm showing of this http://www.mcnmotorcycleshow.com/revolution/

If you want the ticket then let me know and I can either meet you at the entrance on the day (if I know you) or you can arrange to pay and collect the ticket beforehand from somewhere in London and we can arrange this by phone.

Anyone who knows me personally on here can vouch that I am genuine and this is a genuine offer!!


I’ll have one - just this second logged on and seen it!! I am sure we have met before on one of Tim’s rides:) (Although I might win some in the LB competition )

Great , thanks Hels, I’ll pm you my number.

I’ve been asked to hold the other two for an hour so will post back here shortly if they sold!

I’ll take one if there’s one left over from those 2. (fingers crossed)

Hi Davori, Ive PM’d you!!

Sorry folks, the three tickets are now allocated but I’ve agreed if any of the three win the competition the tickets will be up for grabs again!

See ya around soon x

You do realise that it’s the start of the 6 Nations that day don’t you?