3 Doctors

Three doctors were sitting around after work comparing their greatest achievements. The first said, "One time I had a patient who managed to break all of his fingers in a terrible moving accident, but after I fixed him up he played the piano so well he was invited to perform at Carnagie Hall. The second doctor replied, “Not bad. I on the other hand once fixed up an Olympic figure skater after a bus crash. She went on to win three gold medals in her career.” They both looked at the third doctor. "Well, you both have done some mighy fine things. But I once had to COMPLETELY reassemble a cowboy who was so doped up on cocaine he charged his horse into an oncoming train. “All I had to work with was a 10-gallon hat and and a horse’s ass. But you wanna know something? That man became the president of the United States.”

Brilliant. PMSL