3 days...

is how long it took to sort out 2 problems with my new dog.

I got him and he would shy away everytime i brought a water bottle out and he was scared of water.

Ive now rectified both those problems after only having him for 3 days.

Now it proberbly could of all been done in a day but using techniques i dont like to use. You tend to find the quick fixes can bring on another problem.

Oh and the cause of this problem was by a previous handler using positive punishment, which if you have read any of my other dog posts you’ll no is a thing i dont like to use if i can help it.

Also its better to build a bond with the dog you are taking over before causing any conflict between you both. Basicaly try not to be harsh with it for example if it is pulling on the lead dont yank it back.

Anybody hazzard a guess that i love dogs yet? :laugh:

How did you sort water issue? Our Ella hates water but through positiv calls she is getting better.