3 bikers this morning

2 blokes and 1 girl - all three bikes had courier type panier/top boxes - riding like complete fking idiots and should be darn well ashamed of themselves. Ps. I’m no “knight of the road” and I seldom criticise other bikers; this accolade is usually reserved for cyclists/scooters/buses and cabs, but their riding and attitude was just plain moronic and gives us all a bad name. :exclamation:

are you just upset that they was quicker than you?:smiley:

seriously, why log in and moan on here?

i know dresie posted similar, but that was near a school.


i was the winner of the old kent road gp this morning black an yellow black an yellow black yellow …lol

^ This

  1. a. I don’t think pulling into, cutting up and actually forcing 2 cyclists and pedestrians crossing the “green-walk” at lights, counts as being quick, in fact, I think that’s actually pretty close to being a ****.

b. Why would I rant at someone pulling away from me at laights? That’s a kinda oxymoron; and

c. Anyway, no - I commute most days with pillion - so for someone to cut me up when it is infinately more tricky to brake etc…is (as above) a cntish thing to do. Any biker worth his or her salts knows this and should give 2ups a wide berth.

  1. Why not? It’s a forum and I correctly posted under the “General Chat” section heading…and?

  2. Who are you to tell me to “get over it” and such? Are you the moderator of this site and judge of all appropriate threads? Prolly not.


Ratty sixx58 have a beer on me after all it’s nearly the bank Holiday and the weekend happy days!!

I got cut up by a geezer on a pony and trap down Maidstone the other day and I didn’t moan just got on with it. Thought no harm done and rode on.

Some people ride like twats that’s there problem sixx when they get wiped out they soon wont do it again…Fook em.

Right Beer anyone?

ouch!!! the sun, the heat,

+1 for the beer:)

Plan. :wink:

as said fella, everyday sh*t in london, if you was a courier i bet you’d have a heart attack daily!:smiley:

i’m not a mod no and never will be.

myself and quite a few others find these kind of posts…well boring?

tell ya what, i’ll see you at the lights on tuesday if i’m off work :D:D

oh and as Moto-King said…leave em to it, someone will pull out on them sooner or later… and if they walk away from it… it may make them think twice next time.:slight_smile:

no beer, i dont drink :wink:

Meh! If people want in front of me I let them.

Makes me feel like the king of the road, with my trust pawns riding ahead flushing out any old bill and letting the peons in cages know I am coming.

But those that get all over my arse then overtake and then hold me up can go to hell.

Wot’s a pony and trap? :slight_smile:

I’ll have Ratty’s Beer!:w00t:

Its either a horse and cart or Cockney Rhyming Slang!

Back to the thread. I encountered both ends of the spectrum yesterday morning. There was a guy on the A406 that had moved into a gap in the moving traffic 1) before I’d got to him. 2) he’d actually compromised his own safety margins in doing so. 3) was now waving his leg as I wouldn’t move through the gap as I needed to maintain my margins for others errors. The flip side was the 3 rider group on The High Way coming out of the Lime House Tunnel…