3 Amigos take 2

Where are my other two Amigos ???

Amigo dog #1



busa you’re looking a bit ruff mate…

Here’s my bully to keep yours company until the others arrive…




The best looking Amigo by far.

You wicked man Busa, if our Rossi was still here we could get a mug shot of her Amigoing :smiley:

Nice wallpaper Ang…Is it Flock ? :slight_smile:

Shame the seams aren`t stuck down:D

His trade is plumbing isn’t it?


Adios Amigos three, back in London till the ferry on Monday morning. Couple of shots of Nina as a canine Amigo.

The second photo taken after we explained what it meant to be taken to the Mayhew Home, rescue centre for abandoned dogs.

I aint gonna bite but the wallpaper is long gone, its unstuck around the window as they were new windows put in and redecorated not long after. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it is, at least he’s got a job :slight_smile:

Ooooo you’re not wrong there babe :slight_smile:

And lucky for you that is too because at least I can sort the wallpaper out at yours if you need me to :w00t:

Is this the missing Amigo?