3/6/15 Ron Haslam Race School Review.

Today is the Day, 25 of us are doing the RHRS today so i thought i would start a thread for us all to post our thoughts and Pictures on. it’s 5am and i’m up and about and just about to get in the shower ready for those meeting at my house to start arriving in the next half hour or so (Maybe More if Ruth gets Lost!!!)
The Mini Bus is all loaded and Fuelled up, and then its onwards to our Destination of Donnington Park Race Circuit in Derbyshire


See you all very soon :slight_smile:

Trust Ruth… Late as usual!!

Traffic is horrendous, running a little late

I’m still in bed, although I don’t need to leave until 9.30! :slight_smile:

no updates for 6 hours. hmm.

I think Ruth might still be lost.

Must be that good Sam’s not posted

What a fantastic day. Big thanks to Sam for organising with military precision and best wishes on your birthday. As a first venture out on a race track this was ideal. The instructors were first class and you get to ride my bike. It’s a very professionally run outfit and there was almost no waiting around. I can’t wait to go again.

Thank you Sam (birthday boy) for organising this.

This was the best track even I’d eve been on. My coach, Taylor Mackenzie, was a very good coach indeed. I won’t hesitate to do this again.

Thanks for organizing Sam! May do the blades…

Thank you to everyone who came today, it was fantastic. Couldn’t have aske for a better day!!

Please excuse me for not doing a write up or Pictures as i am Completely shattered! i will do it all tomorrow as i am now off to bed!!

Thanks for organising and driving Sam, I was well jell I couldn’t ride, hope you liked your card :-), had a great day and hope the photos come out ok.
Cactus will be sorting out my photos and hopefully everyone will get them via email and then the posting can begin.

As everyone else can’t thank Sam enough for organising it all and putting all the effort into making this a great day out! Good to see some good ol’ faces too, which made the day so much more enjoyable. We have to do another one this year, especially now that I’ve blagged a free day for myself :smiley:

I’ll upload the few pictures of hot rodsthat I took at Ace tomorrow. Can’t wait to see Chris’s pictures with all of us going knee down :slight_smile:

Sam, huge thanks for organising all of this and happy birthday again. This was awesome and I need a new bike :smiley: I had a blast today :slight_smile:

Well good to hear you all had a good day out.
Sounds like Sam did the business. And happy birthday.
Joby, we`re worried now, will you be able to keep up on corners as well as motorways?

“There`s a Joby on the road, what are we going to do?”-to the tune of Rat in the kitchen.

What a fantastic day. Thank you so much Sam for sorting this out. I will upload ChrisB’s pics tomorrow morning and mail Sam with the link as he has everyones email addresses.

@ The Jets, Thanks for the Birthday Wishes :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of Me, Not exactly 64 degrees like Marquez but i’m happy with it!!

Great day and great company, massive thanks to Sam for organising and really can’t wait for the next one!
I didn’t get lost on the way I was merely running late…did get a tad confused with my satnavs directions on the way home though!
Oh yeh Sam, very shattered, but not too shattered to upload some pics of yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

Big thanks too Sam for organising this with percision and all the time you but in! I think it was a good idea with the minibus. Had a great time on the track and got pushed to the max. Was tired in the end and making many mistankes. Shattered when i got home! Can’t wait to see they pics.

I think i am going to Organise this again, Would be good to get the same level of Numbers coming(if not more), If you done the 600’s this time i highly recommend doing the Elite course as in my opinion you get so much more for your Money, If you don’t fancy a Blade you can do the Elite course on a 600 with all the benefits of the Elite Course (Data Logging/1-1 Tuition/Extra Track Time etc)
What i would say next time is if we do a Mini Bus we should stick to 1 or 2 pick up points as i didn’t get home till 9:30 and i was shattered with all the Driving, If we had 1 or 2 Pick ups i reckon i could’ve knocked at least 2 hours off that time. I think that people ca still meet at mine and those that came from Stratford it wouldn’t be too much more effort for them to get the train from Stratford to Romford (2 Stops on the Fast Train) and that would get them home also much quicker than the drop off we had this time. Then someone else get a Mini Bus that lives near the Ace Cafe and they can do the Collection and Drop off there.

What do people reckon? would you be up for it Again?

Oh, and p.s- Couple more of me :slight_smile: