2x reg/recs dead in 50miles

Well either there’s an underlining problem causin them to burn out or should I believe the shop when they said the replacement was new?

I reckon heat and bad connection to the reg/rec.

They are in a really bad place for dispersing heat but I can’t imagine that’d be the cause in 50 miles.

What bike? The 2000-2003 Honda ones are very vulnerable to failure. However, you can replace it with a MOSFET reg/reg - with an FH number designation (not an SH one). It is easy enough to do, just requires a bit of rewiring. I did it to my 2001 VFR. Lots of info available on the web, or I can talk you through it.

Connections were fine, no corrosion or wear and tear

I’ve had reg recs fail with no connection issue, especially heat related. They get hot, they fail under high temperature. PC fan helps.

get some1 to test output of alternator etc.

But after 40miles after changing the last one? That’s a joke! More like the alternator is packing up or the replacement was pants.

As a VFR owner, I know your pain. There are 3 possible culprits in this scenario, reg/rec, alternator, battery. Duff reg/rec can kill battery by overcharging, replace it and the now knackered battery can wear out the brand new reg/rec. An overcharging alternator can also kill the reg/rec, starting the process. Obviously if the alternator is the problem, replacing the reg/rec won’t help. Get a multi-meter, check the charging and your earths. Good luck!

Yeah that was my idea so it had new battery then new reg/rec now it’s happened again I’m waiting to get to back as its still under warranty then I’ll do the correct checks to see if the alternator is at 64v

can you get bike to east croydon?

if you can give this bloke a calll, steve: 07870280288

he will tell you exactly wot is wrong then you can go to the dealers and tell them, i guarantee he wont be wrong.

Cheers john

must be so frustrating lol it reminds me of when i got my bike and i drove it home fine went to ride down to bm the next day it wouldnt start. it needed a new battery. you think the guys would check these things before they sell a bike :doze:

The dealership is to blame for the dead reg/rec but it’s not an instant problem when only ridden for 5miles or so with it below 100c

Voltage reg/recs need cooling. Get some silver thermal paste (the sort you use on a computer CPU), clean the back of the reg/rec, clean the place on the frame/subframe where it mounts, then apply the paste to the back of the reg/rec. Finally, bolt it on and it should dissipate heat through the frame/subframe much quicker.

I did this on my Blade about a year ago, and it’s working very well.

It bolts to a bracket which only has a very small surface area

you got the v5 etc yet?

just wondered if you could find previous owner see why he sold it to said bike shop, might give you some idea’s.

Mmm, this is probably contributing to the problem, but if the bracket is metal, it may still be worth trying.

doubt thats the problem as most are like that and not every bike has this problem, most reg recs are mounted by the 2 bolts with spacers between reg/rec and frame, do you know the replacement reg/rec was same as old 1?

hang on a mo, why do you say 2nd reg/rec is fooked? did bike die/not charge battery?

have you checked the fuses? if a muppet has replaced reg/rec and left ignition on etc good chance fuse will go and some bikes (including mine) will run with a blown fuse but not charge battery.