2CT Tyres

I need to set the record straight, it has been bugging me for a while now and I can’t seem to ignore it…

When people say they have 2ct tyres…

That doesn’t really mean much, all I can understand from that is you have modern Michellin performance tyres…

When people order ‘2ct tyres’ WHAT TYRES DO YOU ACTUALLY WANT?!?!

For those of you that don’t know- 2ct tyres is what Michellin use, it’s a technology within the tyre itself (known as two compound)

This is a technology they used in race tyres and then went on to produced Michellin pilot power 2ct for the road. This was a success and they then encoporated their 2ct technology into most of their road tyres.

So when you call a garage or a shop or whoever you order tyres from. Please don’t ask for 2CT tyres… If you don’t know what you’re after then ask for advice (or search LB as there are many tyre threads).
If you search for 2ct tyres you will probably find a majority of the pilot power 2ct as a result. (This is because 2ct was part of the actual tyre model name)

If you look it pilot roads etc- they also have 2ct printed into the tyre…

Hopefully this will help some of you out and stop raising my bp…


2= Two
T= Tyre

I get unreasonably wound up when people say ‘vinyls’ as the plural for vinyl (records).

There full name is pilot power 2ct

It’s actually Michellin pilot power 2ct…


To be pedantic, it is “Their” full name is Michelin Pilot Power 2CT… :wink:

While we are on the subject a Thumper is a SINGLE cylinder 4 stroke engine not a twin.

I did notice that, didn’t want to be too harsh… :wink:

I did notice that, didn’t want to be too harsh… :wink:

Go easy on Wise- when he was at school they were writing by drawing pictures in the dirt with a stick.

What about the Pilot Road T2C (tyre with 2 compounds)?

When you say you got an invite, you mean an invitation.

I went to school when teachers could teach

I don’t think it’s correct to anthropomorphise tyres like that.

Those are tyres, so don’t have names as such.