2CT recall's

REF:-recall its Pilot Power 2CT and Pilot Power 120/70 ZR 17 front motorcycle tyres

Saw a post on here about the recall and typical I had to arrange a replacemnt for the RR

Phoned ‘Michelin’ on Monday with my details, They phoned me back Wednesday and gave me a tag number and tyre turned up Friday @ Essential Rubber, popped down their in the afternoon and got it fited.

Five days in total, was well amazed with the turn around that Michelin did for me. Just got to run it in know!!

You must have been the guy i was chatting with yesterday then, I was on a red Hornet, had a rear puncture.

Small world

I’ve been waiting ages. I called them on 16th June and heard nothing so I called them again last Wednesday to stress that it’s urgent and my bike is my only form of transport and they sent one one for me to a tyre shop they recommended. It got there and the place doesn’t do bike tyres!! Got to wait for another one to be sent out now.

Still waiting for mine

you need to chase them. They’re only sending them out to those who claim it’s urgent.

You right, i’m gonna give them a shout in morning tell them i’ve got a trackday booked.

called them this morning as my tyre came under the recall (scchweeet, was looking at getting a new one soon anyway)

they’ve already called back to make delivery arrangements, will be at the garage in a couple of days

get in!!

Funny that’s what they told me 3 weeks ago, still waiting

There are two waiting lists…

Spoke to Rob (good bloke) at Michellin today and he said 1-2 week wait…He explained the situation of limited stocks, and I explained that I had a track day on the 19th.

He said that Michellin have suggested that one can either wait for the 2CT or can have a standard Pilot Power. The company have run tests and found that you can mix and match these tyres, but in my case (because of the track day) he said I should not do this.

He’s marked me down as urgent and said the new tyre will be waiting for me at FWR (where I bought original) sometime later this week

Sherrie, I think maybe you spoke to a muppet because I can’t understand why they didn’t ask you where to send the tyre so that you could just tell them your local fitter.

yep same boat - track day booked, need to get myself armed in some quality rubber sharpish (ahem). first person told me 2 week lead time roughly. call back said it’d be there on thurs…

Just got a call from a nice woman at Mich to say my tyres will be at FWR on Thursday.

Sherrie start making some noise (in Michelin’s direction ).

Call Michelin and say it’s important you get them asap. I called them a on Tuesday and the next day it arrived at FWR just in time for me to go to Assen!

Mine should be arriving at Southern Cross today - fingers crossed. Thinking about it though, I probably should have just waited as my tyre is pretty new. Could have got more use out of it!!

I thought this too…Especially as the issue is a pretty rare one and the tyres are being recalled as a precaution only(well that’s what Michelin say).

But…It’s better to be safe than sorry and as you don’t pootle about, losing chunks of tyre at speed could be a little worrying.

bloody hell afro - you had a cup of common sense

Luckily I had the spanish ones fitted. God bless 'em.

No shredding for me after 1000 McMiles in God’s own country. Fair bit of bobbling though.

Got mine!!!

Got mine yesterday and put 40 miles on 'em…Need more scrubbing in

got mine last week