29 shopping days left people


lol and ive not even got tinsel sorted yet :slight_smile: im actually in the country for christmas this year, unusually - normally I try to avoid it and take advantage of the off-season :smiley:

Not for me, I am buggering of to New York on the 23rd Dec :w00t:


cool! :slight_smile: are you there for the new year!? if there is something that the Americans really know how to do well, its celebrate new year :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, coming back on 28th, just wanted to do something different for christmas, never been away for it so I am really excited :w00t:

Tiggi…can i hitch a ride in ya suitcase!:smiley:

and dudette…shame on you lol…bah humbug i say:P

Awwww ppg’s gonna wrap her bike in tinsel:w00t:

Me i’m gonna get sooo rat faced at the L.b do that hopefully i’ll spend xmas in bed again:doze:

I am gonna need a mahoosive suitcase as loads of people have asked me that :stuck_out_tongue: not sure how the airport would feel about it though!! :slight_smile:

bloody hell - I’ve got 4 kids and a wife to buy for…and I’ve done nothing yet

Just finished all my Christmas shopping, I love the internet, and free delivery:)

it takes me just as long to type addresses into the interweb, and navigate around sites as it does to be driven to the shops by my wife and have my wallet emptied there:D

Maybe, but at least I don’t have to try and find somewhere to park, and then have to carry all the heavy boxes to and from the car!

I went shopping and I got a dead feking pixel:)