28/02/15 Little Bimble out To Finchingfield

If the weather is good on Saturday, Who fancies a Blast out to Finchingfield?

It will be a steady pace nothing too fast, Probably take in the Loop if there is enough of us that want too, As Toony has his new Bike i’ve promised him i’ll take him somewhere nice on it. As it’s his First Supersports we will not be going at BCR pace and more of a steady to brisk pace, so Finchingfield Virgins are Welcome, Not sure it will be 125 Friendly and the Usual rules apply
Arrive with Empty Bladder and Full TanksCornerman System will be used so if you do not know what this is please get fimiliar with itNo white Line overtakersThe Only Heros we welcome are the GoPro ones!!No NobbersNo show offsAnd the Most Important one of all.30 MEANS 30!!! Please respect the Villages

Meeting place will be the Tea Hut at High Beech at 9am with a departure time of 09:30, we will go to the usual Toilet Break spot first before heading off to Finchingfield.

I will need a Tailgunner & Leader but if necesarry i can lead but would prefer not too as i would like to have a play in midfield.

I’d be up for this, with any luck some of the West Side Massive will be coming along, not only to counter balance the orange glow of the Essex riders but also to help navigate :rolleyes:

Cool. will you have the stabilisers fitted this time?

I’ve come to the conclusion that my accidents mostly occur whilst I’m stationary so the solution is simple…


LOl, more speed means safer Ruth!!

The meet time will have to Change to 10am at High Beech with a 1030 departure time to give the West Side Massive a chance to get lost on the way Toony a chance to get there as he has football in the morning 0900-1000

You know how to tempt a girl, especially with the more civilised start time.

If the weather’s ok and I have slipped into lazy biatch mode by then, that sounds like a plan.

Hmm , maybe.

Coming up with elaborate plan to get the day off. Sunday is looking wet again

Who are you referring to? :Whistling:

Yeh Sam, who? :smiley:

Changing all your plans for me!!! i feel very special right now :hehe:

no one wants to go for a ride with me then? :frowning:

I can attest to this.

I might join you on this granted the weather is good. 50/50 at the moment.

I may have to cancel this for another day unfortunately.

I completely forgot it’s Capital One Cup Final day on Sunday so i will be Out all Day sunday so Saturday i will have to spend with the Kids

What about others? We can still do it without Sam if anyone’s up for it. Looked like there was enough interest to get a small group together for the ride.

if we do this to piss Sam off i’m in.

providing we ride past his home so he can make us tea. :smiley:

He’ll probably be out with his kids so he better get a big thermos with tea.

I’d love to join but I can’t work out a way of getting out of my shift. Sometimes these things sort them selves out but I have my doubts as I’m only working 3 days this week anyway.

I’m not working at the moment so don’t care when to ride. I can do any day (Sunday?) but I’ll go with whatever the rest decide (if we even decide to meet up without Sam).