25 years of Hotness


probably one of the better bike videos out there

91 and 2007…super hot!

Superb, how many other manufacturers can claim a 25 year model line?

It’s a bit like triggers broom… Its had 5 heads and 3 handles.

I wonder what the longest continuous surviving model of bike is?

I’d guess the Ducati 900SS , born in 1975

Whatdya recon?

Harley, Honda, Piaggio…shall I keep going then…

You’re right, harley for example has been around since 1903; however this is one of the longer runs for a single model in the super sport bike category

Super what?? If thats what you wanna call them then…I prefer sheds meself

Actually the ‘sportster’ first appeared in 1957…so its got twice the production run of the GSXR then. As for super sports tag…in the US thats what the sportster was when it came out!!! It dominated the drag racing and dirt track scene…and one of its evolutions…the XR750 has won more races and championships than any other bike EVER

Suzuki only produced its first motorcyle in 1954…all 90cc

So in other words the Sportster’s the daddy of Super Sports!

Why is it I always forget about Hardly Dangerous?

(Rather glad I do)

Nothing wrong with only liking second best

I like to keep my fillings in place thank you

wow, school is in session. props to you!

still though, i don’t know if i would really say the 883 sportster is in the same class as the GSX-R750…or did i just open up another can of worms

The music was such great hights from my one of my fav bands The postal service

nice bikes

No you’d be right as the 883 has been in production for twice as long, sold about 100 times more bike…and won way way more races

and no I dont have one either…but I defo rather have one than a ChavSXR