25 /12 /08

i’m up for it!! don’t worry about the tea!! will bring a big flask!!

We think we’ve got the tea stop sorted out now - Membury Services should be able to provide one. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday Miggy:)

Route now fully sorted, directions and proposed stops will be printed out and available in the morning. Departing 11am from the Esso station across from the Ace.

Merry Christmas and see you in the morning if you`re comming with us!

Looking forward to it :smiley: … Though I’ll be sure to rug up! Might be a little cold! :crazy:

Nah ---- not cold, will be about the same as today. Boxing Day will be cold - about 4 -

See you at 11.00 tomorrow … Happy Christmas :smiley:

Where you lot off to?

I hope someones gonna take lots of pictures!:smiley:

Hope you all made it home safely, great to se so many “sad gits” out having fun!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the experience guys, my first ride out and on a 125, struggled to keep up but i had fun anyway, Must get myself something bigger for next time.

Nice Pics!

Looks like you had a good day out…

Haha, nice one guys!

haha had a really good day! cheers guys as always! look forward to the next!

Welcome to LB liam haha Glad you enjoyed your babtism of fire :D:D:D

see you new years eve buddy :wink:

Glad you enjoyed yourself and good to meet you.:slight_smile: