24 Hour Pubs

Does anyone know of any 24hr pubs? The only 1 I know of is on The Highway which is always open but not near where I live!

Must be some closer to me - Crayford/Dartford area, I see David Cameron’s trying to abolish the 24hr licensing but I havent been to or seen a 24hr pub in my area yet, could be handy with my birthday coming up :hehe:

Where on The Highway? I cannot think of any 24 hour pubs, sorry

Just past Machine Mart & the Texaco - I saw Johnny Vegas outside a few weeks ago with a beer in his hand at around 8am :stuck_out_tongue:

Know the one you mean but I think that one is an early opener and not 24hr - though I may be mistaken ?!?!?

Plenty of early opening pubs in London, perfect for after a night shift and staggering through the rush hour crowds home, getting stared at as if your some freak for being bladdered at 9 in the morning !! :w00t:

Yeah I’ve done that it my past, before kids etc. The Market Porter at Borough Market always used to open at 6.30am, as did the Southwark Tavern just down the road (The Globe did for a while as well). This was for the market workers. There was also a very nice pub in Smithfield market which opened at 6am and did the best hot beef sandwiches, the one in The Highway used to open at 4am for the print workers, and The Hand and Marigold on Bermondsey Street SE1 used to open at 7am on a Friday for the antiques market. I used to regularly go for a bit of a session on a Friday morning after a night duty…ahh happy days:)