21st August 2015, Cat & Fiddle Ride then BSB @ Cadwell Park anyone???

I have been looking at ride outs other than the Usual Finchingfield or TOWiE Rides we do and it got me thinking.

The Cat & Fiddle is one of the most Famous Biking Roads (if not the most famous) in the Country and one i’ve never done and not likely to do as it’s so far away and not exactly a day out ride.


Who would be up for a weekend trip to Macclesfield to do the Cat and Fiddle?
it would be a late night run up there on Friday 21st (after work) with a stay in a B&B or Campsite then get up early and Hit the Cat & Fiddle on the Saturday and then head across the country (about 90-100 miles) finding some nice routes to Cadwell Park for BSB Round 8. I would be able to get a few free Tickets for the BSB event including Camping (Definately get at least 3 but could get more) so it wouldn’t work out as an expensive weekend, but i would be working (Track Marshall) so would only see you in the evening after Racing for the Party :slight_smile: but if there are a few of us doing it then you won’t be alone. I may see if i can get the Tickets without actually working so i can enjoy the racing with you all (whoever is coming)

To make a proper Day of it we could start at the A5004-Whaley Bridge and then that links into the Cat & Fiddle, then from there head up to Glossop to take in the A57 “Sankes Pass” then from there onto Cadwell Park. Would be a Full days riding and possibly very tiring, but would be well worth it :slight_smile:

If it rains will you cancel the trip?

Lol. Most Likely.

Dont fancy riding britains most dangerous biking Road in the wet.
But would still do Cadwell BSB regardless of the weather so that would still be on the cards. So in the event of rain I would cancel the Friday night trip up there and the ride out, and just ride to Cadwell on the Saturday and watch free practice and qualifying, then the racing on Sunday

Is this a suggestion? and your looking for a leader and a tail gunner so you can play in the middle?

If so maybe. I would love to go see a BSB event. I may even have a new girl in my life by that point.

Im going Cadwell that weekend for BSB regardless of if the ride happens or not. It would be really cool if it turned into a ride. Ive never ridden those roads before but im under the impression its a straight run so would not require leader/tail gunner

cant give you an answer before July. But I. Defiantly game for this.

Cool, thats fine. Got loads of time to properly arrange it, im just putting the feelers out

Ah the cat and fiddle , might of been famous as a good thrash back in the day, just don’t break the speed limit , full of average speed camera’s now. :frowning:

I’m going to a 50th birthday pissup so can’t do this.