20's riders

Hi All,

Just joined the forum I’m 24, live in Fulham and ride a BMW F800 GS.

I’m trying to meet some riders of a similar age to make a group of friends to go riding etc in and around London. 

Let me know if anyone is interested or please direct me if such a thread already exists.



Why limit your riding experiences to only your own age group? Once the side stand is up, we’re all the same age :slight_smile:

This is true, I’m also looking for general rides too. This was just more to find a friendship group of similar aged people based around bikes 

Age is not an issue.
Your bike, however… :smiley:

Lol @ Alba.

Harry, once you’ve been on a few of our rides you will know age really doesn’t matter. We have a very mixed bag of ages when out riding and like already said, once those stands go up we are all there for the same reason :slight_smile:

Not forgetting when some put there side stands up the bike falls over

Lol. And they are the young ones :slight_smile:

You will also find that unlike your actual mates that you choose to knock around with, bikers all have the same interest so when we’re out age is irrelevant as there is a common interest and everyone comes together as mates through that.
Another thing to consider, people of your age very rarely ride big bikes, they are still limited to 125’s or scooters as they are yet to get a full licence, so you will enjoy rides out with us oldies as the bikes are better and the pace much quicker. There are also some very good riders that you will learn a lot from and make you a better rider.

Indeed I completely agree with that, and I fully intend to come on some of your rides. I guess I am just trying to see if there are any other riders of a similar age with this thread

You’ve probably now realised most of our mental ages are way below 24 lol

^mines 16, according to Mrs.B

26 year old lurker (first time poster) from Croydon here! Would gladly come for a ride out some time… though my bike’s ancient lol

Definitely ride like a youngster :wink:

I turn 50 in a couple of weeks.  I passed my bike test two days after my 17th birthday.  There’s a saying I heard when I started riding which is “There’s no such thing as an old stupid biker”, so if you can learn anything from the more experienced riders, that would surely help…

26 here. No big bike yet but I’m looking at either your GS, Tiger 800, or MT09 Tracer when I take the full test some time next year!

I’m winning!
At 23 with an SV1000 and drz400

I’m 38 and I had my first fireblade at 22 does that count?

I’m errrrrrr
I passed my moped test at 16 was funny I kept getting pulled for no L plates
Passed my full test when I was 17 and had a RD250LC

Shout out to all the pensioners from a proper National Treasure and all those in their 40th plus year of Cat A riding

OK, we`ve taken time out to join the Ramblers.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and spent loads of money on the latest gear.

That said the Ramblers make us feel young so it`s time to rock another Jetstream ride on the 10th of January 2016.

By past records the average age will be be determined on the day, but the mental age will be around nine and three quarters.

As long as the ZX12 kicks to life, we propose…

All ages, genders and nationalities (we might even stretch to residents of the West/East Bergholt area, (just to prove we aren’t biased) welcome for this esoteric heritage ride,  with pies, ice cream and scenery to write home about.  

20s  huh.      We were all 20 once or are about to get there.  Age is not a number but how you feel in your head the next morning.