2022 Indian FTR1200

Now with 17″ wheels, which will give a much better tyre choice. Previously it had a 19" front and 18" rear.
It’s actually available now, even though it’s a 2022 model… them yanks are weird lol

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That’s a very pretty thing from that photo.

Much prefer this styling to the triumph one in other thread.

Tad hipsterish but respectfully so.

Only thing that stands out to me is that it looks really long… Photography trick or actually very long?

I’m not really sold no either to be honest.

@Serrisan It do look long but its 60" wheelbase is only an inch or two more than your average sports tourer, possibly comes from being born out of a flat tracker.

Ah true.

Just saw the other photo in the article at the end, the more black version. Is that the old model?

That one I’m not keen on but the one in @nivag’s post is nice looking

That looks like it might be the carbon variant of the new model. The question is why launch their 2022 model in 2021? Could it be they have an even newer range to launch for 2022? The launch of new motorcycle models seem to be overtaking the release of new footie strips!

Poor maths standards at school…

Probably using a “Freedom Calendar” as printed by Trumps MAGA crowd.