2021 New Bike Ideas

I’m in the market for a new tourer. I want to get ready for when we can travel abroad again and hit the mountains/forests. This is my current favourite candidate, the 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S. Have also considered the KTM 1290 Superduke GT and of course the R1200GS. Also for a while I thought about getting the 890 Adventure R to use for green-laning as well and retiring the DRZ 400, but who wants to be trying to get 200kg through the mud, then compromise your road handling with those knobblies.

I used to own GS’ for this role, but seem to have developed a KTM addiction it seems :slight_smile: I absolutely loved the 1290 engine in my 2017 Superduke R. It’s been refining a tad since then too… Hoping to arrange a test-ride in the next week. Main question marks are over how comfortable it’ll be. All reviews suggest the PowerParts comfort seat is required, but even though I have questions over how comfortable it’ll be after having an equivalent seat on my KTM 690 SMC.

Obviously it will never be as comfortable as the GS, but at the same time, the GS will never be as sporty as the KTM. Looking forward to seeing where the balance lies.

Perfect balance to be had here! You won’t need to change the seat. Can handle gravel car parks and the smallest country lanes. :grin:

The Triumph 900 Rally Pro peaks my interest as well as the KTM 890 adv
I would ride them on most of the lanes I do on my KTM 690 Enduro R in the the summer but probably miss some of them out in the winter months.

To be honest I am kicking myself for not waiting on the SA-S. I had Prem bikes and P&H telling me to wait but the right GSA came along and the rest is history. I didn’t like the early bumpf going on about the SA being longer, lower etc. But now I’ve seen the reviews I’m seriously thinking about seeing what KTM can do on the BM!! The GSA just seems like too much for my habits of Sundays and fundays, haven’t toured yet and not sure if I ever will!

If your interested in middle weights you have the husky Morden coming out soon. Also the BMW F900XR.

I have the 1290GT. I use it for commuting (when we can!), touring (the pannier make it so easier and neat) and like today for a good fun Sunday thrash. It’s so easy to ride slowly but then it also just needs a twist of the throttle to become a nutty hooligan.

With the gen 3 to be realised later this year based on the same updates already on the SDR and SAS its set to be a really great bike. I wouldn’t be buying a current GT now unless you can get a silly discount.

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new tuono?

The Superduke GT is a really strong candidate for me after owning the Superduke R previously. It’s not clear if we would ever take big adventure bikes offroad (though after having a look at the Trans Euro Trail, thoughts are percolating) so the pure road-handling of the GT does appeal.

I didn’t know there was a new model due out and had discounted it because it lagged behind a tad from the new Super Adventure S. Indeed it might be worth trying to find out when a revised model is due out.

Hah, thanks, but it’s not a good fit for me :laughing: I don’t ride two-up for one, and well, I’m not much of a Honda man (despite first bike being a Honda).

Jay - there’s nothing official but Q4 '21 is expected for the announcement of a MY2022 model which is likely to hit dealers late this year.However wth covid who knows?!?!

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Cheers! I don’t think I can wait that long. Super Adventure S might be the ticket (test-ride pending).

Teat rode the 2021 1290 Super Adventure S today.

Great bike. I need to test ride the new 1250 GS and potentially the Multistrada V4 though before making a choice.

Must say though, the KTM UI is not very good at all. There are so many steps involved to change the throttle and suspension modes (which must be done separately it seems). Not at all slick like it is on a GS.

What did @pricetta think?!

Nothing, she was at work!?

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Haven’t seen the latest GS but that looks prettier than any GS stored in the memory bank

I think they look pretty good. Interesting you say that, as I think the KTM is pig-ugly, but it rides well. That said, corner turn-in felt quite lazy an unintuitive, but I think this may have been down to the preload settings (they’re adjustable, with no recommendations in-line with performance mode or pillion/luggage load. Quite odd.

Hmmm I think I still prefer the KTM, at least to the white GS variant here.

My tastes may be because I owned the old 990.

I too hated the looks before I bought one (I even disparaged it on @nivag’s test ride) and then it grew on me.

i dont know why but adventure bikes without beaks look weird to me!

It’s a good point and I just realised that until now I hadn’t registered it as an adventure bike (yes I know it’s called an adventure). More of a big road bike…

Big supermoto is an alternative term thrown about by some. I don’t think I would go that far. It just feels like a supremely-capable bike.