2021 British GP - Paddock

Full gallery of the pretty-damned exclusive access we got to the paddock on Friday at the British GP as part of the Ducati Two-Seat Ride charity experience we went on. Due to COVID, there was only riders, crew, organisers and us in the paddock.


Amazing photos :+1:. I’m trying to interpret the post GP ride expression on Claire’s face and the closest I can get is OH MY GOD!

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Ah yes. There was a lot of heavy breathing, profanity and superlatives.

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Amazing, what an experience it must have been.

Definitely getting lots of husband brownie points for that.

I’ve just left this thread on my phone with the screen turned to be always on, and in a convenient place for Mrs Serrisan to see… Just in case she’s struggling for ideas this Xmas…

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