2020 is not all doom and gloom

I think I’d rather have her running the show at the moment rather than the pound-shop Trump we’ve currently got!

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You must have a short memory to say that.

She and Reagan unleashed much of the right-wing, small state, survival of the fittest, devil take the hindmost, politics which has caused untold hardship in the USA and UK; I hated her so much I had to turn the radio off whenever her whining voice was broadcast. But she (and Reagan) did believe in law and order - and that meant, among other things, ministers resigning or being fired when they failed to meet the ministerial code.

That respect for rules I do miss.

She was also a scientist before becoming a politician and I don’t think it takes much of a leap of imagination to see she would have handled the current crisis better than the clown.


Best PM of my adult life.

I’ll also add she was actually pro Europe.

But a lot of what she did was awful and we are still living with those consequences.

Pretty much all of that generation were pro-Europe. Heath, whom she replaced, was a tank commander in Normandy and fought all the way to Germany. He vowed to do everything in his power to prevent that happening again.

The Milk Snatcher’s European credentials were perhaps a little more mercenary. Although she fully understood the EEC/EU’s value as a peace project she was the one who pushed for the Single Market. It was her commissioner Francis Arthur Cockfield, Baron Cockfield who laid down the structure of the Single Market. Probably Thatcher’s greatest achievement.

Pro Europe certainly isn’t a bad thing.

As for living with the consequences, I imagine we’ll be living (or not in many people’s cases) with the consequences of Johnson’s decisions, or lack thereof, for some considerable time when things return to a new normal.

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