2017+ ZX10RR suspension settings?

Does anyone have any generic sus settings for and 80kg rider?


Get Brian at BN Suspension to tailor the suspension settings for you. He did it on my previous bike, a 2009 ZX-10R, which was awful. After Brian sorted it out, it was much improved.

Brian is pretty much the “go to guy” on here for that kind of stuff. His fee is about £100 if I remember correctly.

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I agree. Brian did a great job for me too. He’s a top guy.

A suspension setup is the best upgrade you can get for your bike. Better than an exhaust, power commander or trick leavers. You might do ok with some settings from the internet but a bespoke setup based on your weight will be better. Brian transformed my 600RR and also another chap on here who went on my recommendation and couldn’t believe the difference.

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Agreed Brian (BN Race Science) is an awesome guy.

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Brian (BN Race Science) has done my bikes as well

each bike & rider is different so the bike has to be setup to suit