2016 Yamaha M1's being unveiled right now!

Its the same bloody bike!!

Here ya go for those that missed it


loving the exhaust exit. that’s bloody neat

loving the exhaust exit. that's bloody neat me_groovy
I preferred last years "Slash Cut" exhaust exit.

Think they just reused the footage from last year?


It does look identical barring very minor changes, the Livery looks Identical, they usually change it a bit more than that

This is the 2016 M1.

and This is is the 2015 M1. Spot the difference???

the difference being you’ve got them the wrong way round?

Oh dear, Easy mistake :slight_smile:

The top one can’t be last years model then as they had the Slash Cut exhaust for most of last season, and Bradley Smith got it on his bike 3/4 of the way through

But Bridgestone/Michelin.