2015 R1

Anyone got one or any experience of the new model?! I m fancying one and liking the 50th anniversary yellow paint scheme, even the iron man type aesthetics are growing on me!

Thanks in Advance

Did you mention ironman

Yup. I rode one back in May/June. I found it to be quite heavy with engine breaking, so at town speeds on roundabouts, I was just on the cusp of being on a closed/open throttle several times. The engine breaking was so much for me, that I scrubbed it of my shopping list.

The last I heard was the new R1 is out of stock in the UK until next year. it’d be even longer for a special edition one if at all.

Appreciate the feed back aceman, I got a panigale now so know all about engine braking and having had a Big Bang previously I should imagine it’s fairly similar.

@me_groovy - there’s a few nearly new ones online for sale and December/Jan delivery ish for a 60th anniversary , the r1m is the harder to get hold of model as far as I can tell and abit out of my price range not to mention ability aswell : )

Plenty on ebay atm

You can adjust the engine braking on these things. I have read about a couple of guys doing it as they agree there is to much on the standard set up.

Same on my panigale - electronic braking control

Well after a test ride the other week I managed to get my hands on a 65 plate in red (not my first choice of colours)…been for a quick jaunt today and loving it so far, stupidly fast and handles like a 600!

stupidly fast and handles like a 600
uh-oh, you just said the two sentences i didnt want to hear about the new R1 ever…especially the second one :smiley:

Sorry buddy it’s true, so nimble but solid at speed too.
As far as I m concerned it turns a lot better than my 899 did, but I couldn’t get on with that bike.

I’m jealous prefer the red to the blue ,blue one on auto trader £12,000

They are coming down in price already - I got a decent discount which I was told by other places wasn’t possible.

@commuterboy - it’s down in Bridgend I think?!?! - JTS Yamaha?! sadly for sale by the most obnoxious guy, I bought my last r1 from there and when I enquired about this one , It quickly reminded what an utter tool he was.
The Reds growing on me which is helpful cos I m stuck with it now : )

I can’t help you on the new R1… am going to test ride the R3 on Friday… I am nearly wetting myself in anticipation… :smiley: <----feckking big grin there!!!