2014 Z1000

new transformer z1000

holy crap thats ugly!!!

Another bking wannabee. I like it :smiley:
Rumours of around 140bhp? How do they get such a little power from a modern 1000cc motor :ermm:

that looks awesome!!!

Does look the Dog’s nads but I wouldnt even push it out the showroom until they changed that exhaust!

Looks great IMHO

Looking to probably get a new SX myself next year which runs the same engine…

They are meant to be nice…

Cheap plastic overload…looks like a dog’s breakfast to me…but there’s no accounting for taste.

someone thwacked that with the ugly stick good and proper!

At least it’s not totally green :Whistling:

Some red is what we need :cool:

That is sexy.
Rat, can I have that bike or should I stay with STR?


The headlights are totally cyborg.

the headlights give it a transformer look… and they could’ve integrated the front indicators really… :ermm: wouldn’t mind owning one but got no room in the garage :laugh: