2014 'Hornet' 650 and CR650F

(RIP Hornet :frowning: )

Focusing on what they hope will appeal to younger riders, Honda’s engineers set out to create a chassis and engine combination that would strike the right balance between sportiness and practicality. The 649cc inline-Four was designed to be compact with a forward cant of 30 degrees.

Operating within a bore and stroke of 67mm x 46mm, the con-rod length is designed to decrease the side-forces on the pistons. Pumping losses are reduced via vent holes through the crankcase walls between the journals. The pistons themselves wear asymmetric skirts to limit friction through reduced bore contact. The outer surface of the cylinder sleeves received ferrous spines as a means of reducing oil consumption and optimizing heat dissipation.

The chassis is constructed from twin 64mm x 30mm elliptical spars. To achieve the correct rider feedback and handling character, Honda tuned the flexibility of the frame for stiffness around the headstock with more flex in the spar sections. A sporty rake of 25.5° and 4.0 in. of trail are mated to 57.1 in. wheelbase, pointing to a bike that should feel light and maneuverable – particularly when the 465 lb. wet weight is factored in.

The traditional 41mm fork is non-adjustable while the shock gets seven-position adjustable preload. The shock mounts directly to the die-cast aluminum swingarm. Radial 120/70–17 and 180/55–17 tires are mounted on five spoke, cast aluminum wheels.

loving that dashboard

When and how much in UK?

I’m wondering how much too
Seems they’ve lost the inverted forks from the last CB (hornet) and it’s a heavy bugger too, 80lb more than the last hornet :w00t: