2014 gilera runner 125cc ST 4T


Are these anything like the older Runner 180’s?

Bit of rain down your way Kishan? Maybe it’s one of these you need instead of a new scoot?

PJ never riden the 180 so cant comment but it is responsive and comfee to ride and wants to keep going.

mark tell me about it lol that might be my 2nd toy :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the new runner better than your old typhoon then Kishan? Next one has to be bigger!! And not a twist and go either !!

yeah alot quickers as its a 4 valve and my typh was a 2 valve. ha ha erm next big one im gonan try getting a a aprilia srv850 twist and go lol which is even faster as its does about 110/120mph

Very shiney! enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice, but just hope you never have to change the Reg/Rec - its a effing nightmare!!


If properly maintained, what mileage will a 125 scooter hit? I ask, as I’ve seen a few couriers using them and I always thought 125s weren’t the most suitable tools for high mileages.

well i had a courtesy piaggio grand terrisrmo 125 which has the identical engine as mine and it wasnt properly maintained and that had a 100K on the clock and it was still going strong.

100k :w00t: Km, not miles I presume? Can that be for real, and how many replacement engines must it have had? Either that or it’s a case of clocking gone horribly wrong :wink:

erm think it was miles and nope one engine was did look in a sorry state paint wise but i tell you what that engine wanted to keep going and going.

There’s an article in this month’s Bike magazine about a couple of guys that toured the US on Ninja 250’s. One has clocked up 50,000 miles and it still ran sweet as a nut, so hat off to him and just shows that the tiddlers can handle it, particularly when some people in the UK think 20,000 is high mileage on a big bike :hehe:

Hit 19k on mine today, so just run in nicely :smiley:

any engine is reliable if its well maintained and been bedded in correctly.

19k :w00t: It’s only 1000 miles away from being considered high mileage, knackered, and past it. I’ll take it off your hands today before it’s worthless and unsaleable :wink:

i don’t get the millage thing tbh i do around 10k a year so i work it out by that if the bikes 5 years old then it can go up to 50k if its like my ntv thats 17 years old it can have upt 170 and is on around 80k atm so its low mileage only 5k a year that’s nothing really i did around 10k on my suzuki ts50 in a year

Top effort :cool: There’s something about mint condition low mileage bikes that just leave me cold. I’m just like - why did you bother buying that? Show me a mint low mileage Ducati 1198 beside one of those ex-fleet Honda CBF500’s with 120,000 miles on the clock selling on BikeTrader, and I’m more interested in the GS500 every time.

best thing with my ts 50 was i would stick a fiver in my tank and it would last a week no matter how much i would ride it haha was out on it all day every day except the days i was at college hahah

id rather buy a cheap as chips bike for penny’s that i know has problems that way when i fix it i know the bike like the back of my hand =]