2013 ZX6-R (636) at the IoM


and a presentation video:


i like that

corr. dem tyres bruv! :w00t:


636cc is back again? :w00t:

I thin its the best looking ZX-R in a long while. And 636 is not without it merits either. I like it.

Like it a lot

Ive had two 2003 B1H 636s, a 2007 zx6r and now a k7 gixxer 750. The 750 makes great power, and im not one for the litre bike, so this is right up my street. Might be my first ‘new’ buy…lets see what fast bikes say eh!?

My question is: does anyone know if they’re going to make a different engine for the racing teams like before? Seems a bit costly?

Power wise it probably won’t match gixxer 750 but handling wise nothing ever been wrong with ZX-6R so I doubt they are going to break this.

I wonder what’s the price going to be.