2013 RBLR1000 Raising Money For the Poppy Appeal

Just had an email from the organisers of this years’ 1000 mile British Legion Riders Branch to see if anyone here fancies entering or just supporting the event in general.

Website is http://www.rblr1000.co.uk/

It’s a good cause and blimey make sure you’ve a comfy seat!

wasn’t this posted before as i was interested in this along with a few others

dunno, mebbe sorry I didn’t trawl backwards.

But now the site is up perhaps that warrants a re-mention.

of course it does XD i personally forgot haha better start toughening my but up

ok that came out wrong lol

I’d like to do this - better clear it with the MRs though as that is my anniversary weekend. She won’t mind though - right???

TDJ and GSXRAnge did this last year, on GSXRs! (double hard b’stards that they are!)


A very worthy cause I would say, and quite a challenge for the softer amongst us. Sadly I can’t as work has conspired against me for that weekend.

I think the whole sponsorship thing is a pisstake. If I only manage to raise £35 in sponsorship then why is that not good enough. It could still go some way to changing a life. Fu*k 'em.

Think that`s a little unfair GT.

As a past participant, there is a lot of organisation and scrutineering involved.

It`s not a moneymaking outfit but they do you proud and organise a great ride and a chance to pop yer 1000 mile cherry.:slight_smile:

Daniel, don’t worry about that. Do the red and raise what you can. If you don’t make the 50 quid I will top it up for ya. So, that’s not an issue. Gonna do the ride?

If you had any intention of doing the ride you wouldn’t mind getting that sponsorship together, just think of the amount of fuel you’ll be putting in the bike.

If you look further into most events there is a minimum amount you have to raise before competing - I’m sure those who did one of the Marathon/Runs last year had to raise £300 each.

When we do the RBLR 1000 we pay our min sponsorship ourselves and set up a separate Just Giving Page for London’s Air Ambulance, that way friends and colleagues have a choice to donate either to RBLR or LAA.

Im in :smiley:

Yeah I am seriously considering it. I’ve just booked a family room at a nearby motel (cheapie). Hopefully I’ll be using it for the Friday night, can leave gear there and then it is somewhere to crash after making it back to Squires (within 24 hours!!!).

I’m thinking the anticlockwise South route. I was looking at the map as three 6/7 hour sections. Squires to Redruth, Redruth to Dover and then Dover to Squires. Doing it that way gives a chance of the Saddlesore1000 in around 20ish hours OR bailing out and getting some rest after Dover at home (near Dartford tunnel) then doing the last 200 miles after a few hours sleep.

Anyone interested in that plan?

@ SimoninEssex - thats a deal (provided i can book the time off naturally) and a very kind offer. i think the prison serivce will also double what i raise upto 5k. not 100% on that though. Qu is are you in?

@ GSRXang - I’m not too fussed about the fuel as i would enjoy it and its a good cause.

i think it would be fun to do it in a group as team LB. Ang maybe you can advise

sounds like you have a plan simon XD i cant make any garentee’s untill my court date next month as soon as that’s done hopefully i will be left in a situation that i can attend

Personally no, especially if you have a group of varying riders. It’s not until you are about halfway in you realise how demanding this is and if there are riders slowing you down (and I’m not knocking that at all, some are used to long distance riding, some only a 100 miler on a Sunday) it slows the group down. It adds extra time on every time you stop for fuel or pee stops. Timing is of the essence, or so I tell Mark :wink: :w00t:

The whole event is very well organised, there is alot of effort put in to this with people at Squires from the Thursday to Sunday/Monday. The place is manned from the start to finish of the 24 hours and everyone is a winner (its not a race) whether they come in first or last, just to complete it within the 24 hours is a feat in itself.

Good luck to everyone entering…Don’t worry about the weather either, it ALWAYS rains :hehe:

You little ray of sunshine you are Ang :smiley:

Was hoping to put the Winter kit away by then !

Good point there Ang, maybe a buddy (with similar attitude, goal, bike capability) but not a team…