2013 LB Off Road day

Shame… yeah I think that because I’ve only dealt with Golding Barn, and I had a good time there, I’m happy to organise a day there… Will post up about it later on after I’ve talked to them to see which days they have plenty of availability for

I’ll do it like last time when I got everyone to pay them directly (the deposit anyway). More news to follow, but if people want to go to trailworld, happy to look into organising that. So far interest is pretty loose at the moment :smiley:

Chances are I’m not going to be going along (other as just to take photos and hurl abuse at people) as not sure when my shoulder will be ready to take that abuse and because I’ve already done GB once :slight_smile:

Awesome mate, any update for us?

I tried ringing them yesterday and today to see what days they still have plenty of availability but they are not picking up. Am gonna be trying all this week as I’m going to be at home still so can get doing with it.

Looking on their website again, it seems they have for 2013 a track in Winchester which seems to also be same time to get to (but longer as it’s motorway), depending where you are in london… I’ve put together a thread outlining the whole day but am holding off posting until I hear from them about what days still have plenty of places left. Then the LB folk can decide which track they want to do… If there is no quick decision, I will be making an executive decision :smiley:

At the moment it looks like a day in May will probably be the best, to also ensure the weather has heated up a bit as well…

^ 100% agree.

Right I’ve now got the dates with plenty of availability from the lady and the scoup with prices/ deposits etc… Just popping out to the supermarket then have some stuff to do at home but will post back this evening with all the details.

I was looking at their other locations - winchester in particular but the lady told me not to go for that as GB is a better track plus if you want to bring friends down, it’s a lot better.

Now do I need to take the ‘how to take photos’ workshop? Oh wait I only have a nokia phone with camera, no point! :smiley:

This sounds good to me. I used to like mountainbiking in my youth.