2013 LB Off Road day

Apparently there’s options for such a thing - sounds ace - so hopefully something can be set up quick sticks.

Serrisan? Fancy picking up the baton?

Yeah can do… I can organise another Golding Barn day which is good fun but now I’m also looking into more ‘outdoory’ type offroading. But my doc said it might be up to 6 months before my shoulder is strong enough to take the punishment so will have to wait and see… :frowning:

Zander knows a lot of this, he may be a good candidate :smiley:

You could always should encouragement from the side lines and take photos of the inevitable calamity?

Replace encouragement with abuse and you have a deal… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t organize as I know nothing about it, but I’m definitely up for some of this, my bike is like a fecking chelsea tractor till I get this sorted and get it all sticky.

Ok well I had a quick look at the golding barn website and the earliest day is 12th April so we still have time… :slight_smile:

I’ll post up somepoint tomorrow a thread asking to see what people want to do, more an offroad trackday like golding barn or one in a more outdoors setting… bearing in mind that the latter will prob cost more and are a bit more difficult to get good ones close to the London area.

We’ll get this organised one way or another :smiley:

Hi folks,

I have done the Golding Barn Off Road day three times so far, with various LBers, since 2008, so would quite like to look at a different track this time and have a ‘new’ experience. Ady Smith’s KTM school days are also a possibility - I spoke to him a while back as I was concerned about the height of the bikes in relation to being 5 foot 5, but it seems Ady himself is only 5 foot 6 and he manages :D:D:P

So we could (or Serrisan - volunteering you lol) can follow up with Ady as well and we can get some comparisons? It could be that we have two options on the cards?



Golding barn is blue groove, you really need to find a proper Moto x track. :slight_smile:

I have no idea what that means :smiley:

The good thing with GB is that it is a nice place for a first experience. I agree that I’d rather have something a bit more fun like Ady Smith or Black Desert in Wales but I’m probably not going to be fit enough for this, just organising it for others :slight_smile:

Right at least I have something to do next week rather than watching Top Gear on Dave :smiley:

Hi guys,

Golding Barn is always a laugh, I’d like to go again.

Patsy Quick’s Desert Rose stuff in Sussex is great and well organised, though the days are a little short.

I just love Craig and Tams at Black Desert Training … when you’re out in the Welsh countryside, in a field or up a forestry dirt track - you really feel like you’re doing offroad. A weekend is best up there to make the most, at about £200 per day (about average, or even below, for a day of off-road inc bike hire and they make sure to fit in a very full day, you’ll be knackered).

Craig and Tams will be at the ExCeL motorbike show, and I’m planning to help them setup - especially as Craig’s neck is broken after the Dakar as you may have read in MCN.

If anyone wants to do a weekend in Wales, just let me know. Even though I’ve done a couple with them now, I always enjoy going back for more.

Yup £190-210 per day seems to be the going rate…

I think a day that is commutable from London is going to be the best because otherwise costs spiral quite high when you have to include accommodation… so it’s more likely to get more LBers involved

^^^^^ what he said

a weekend would be a bit rich for me, but a fun day out, well up for that!

wow just looked at patsy quick’s site. £240 per day and it’s a bit short… ouch :frowning:

Anyone fancy Spain? http://www.trailworld.co.uk/spain/index.php

I do want to do that but they also have an off road centre in Markyate, Hertfordshire http://www.trailworld.co.uk/uk/index.php

Been a couple of times and the Herts tour is a good day out on the lanes but were you guys looking for more of a track experience?

I know JC is thinking of doing this one http://www.adventureridingacademy.com/

If you wanted to do the Trailworld one I can always give the guy a call and find out max group sizes and try and get a discount but you could probably wangle that for any one you decide on of there is enough of you.

If you’re interested in Spain, I can recommend http://www.ridersofthelosttrail.com/ had a great day out there last year.

I have a voucher for a day at Golding Barn which needs using up before the summer, dunno if that would work with a group booking. Iwas hoping to use it before mid April as things get a bit busy for me after that but as long as it’s before July I can probably squeeze a day in.

Im up for this , as my social secretary has already mentioned Im going to try Patsy Quick’s.

Yeah that does look like the best day out, but a big price tag :(. Maybe I’m being ignorant in my offroad heritage but the bikes for trailworld don’t look all that good… well they’re not ktms :smiley:

Plus taking me out on byways I can go out on my own, I’m not going to pay £200 for that :smiley:

I’ll be up for something like this,

Did My first off road day with track sense last year and would love to have another go!

Post up the details of track sense… :smiley:


I did one of their last off road days… They stopped running them last year to focus on foreign track days. shame really as they ran an excellent day and it was pretty local ( near heathrow T5)

Golding barn looks good though