2013 Joby's Garmin Seminar at OMC

Well my friend, time to walk the walk


You know I was just thinking about this today. I’ll contact OMC and set a date.

Provisional Attendance List:

Joby (Hosting)


George B

I’m thinking about sometime in March. Provisional Agenda is as follows.

  1. Installation

  2. Navigation

  3. Planning a route using Tyre or Bascamp

  4. Executing a planned route

  5. What can go wrong when executing a planned route

  6. Safety camera alerts

  7. Reviewing your ride data when you get home

Viewing in Google Earth

Adding to my trip

Post event analysis

8.Pairing with your phone

9.Adding Music (if people are interested in this)

Is there anything else that people would like to learn about? I know most of this or can learn it and pretend I knew it all along. I’ll be looking to put some videos up on Youtube to accompany the course.

I estimate this will take about 2 hours with a break in the middle.

Sign up here and we’ll get an idea of numbers. If the OMC want to post this on other forums like Essex bikers then go for it. Can someone text TanyaD? I think Garmin units work well on R1s.

Which garmins use TYRE? All of them? My tom tom packed up again. How much is the cheapest Garmin that uses tyre but is motorbike specific nav.

Ta very much :slight_smile:

I think pretty much all Garmin and Tomtom can use Tyre.

The cheapest bike specific garmins are the Zumo 220 and the Zumo 350LM which are 369.99.


There are Zumo 550s on Ebay for around 200 pounds. These are ok and play music but the mount isn’t a great design.

There are also Zumo 660s on Ebay for around 350 pounds. That’s the model I have, that is a big improvement on the 550 and it also plays music.

The units themselves hold their value pretty well as they are quite desirable. I sold my 550 to buy a 660 and got about 250 pounds for it even though it was 2 years old. I want them to release a newer model as I fancy a change.

We run a Nuvi 30.

Any sensible comments re upgrades?

Any of the bike specific ones from Garmin would be a big improvement because they are waterproof and have an interface that is designed to operate while wearing gloves. You would probably want European mapping. I’ve been advised that the accuracy of maps isn’t as good the further east you go but that is improving all the time. I don’t think you’d need one that plays music. The Zumo 350LM would be a good suggestion and it comes in black to match your bike.

I would be very keen to learn how to use Basecamp. I always seem to get stuck at step 1 - finding an address (although it’s quite likely it doesn’t actually have that feature). My current workaround is to plan routes on Google Maps then converting them, and transferring the converted files to my Zumo 660.

Ok so can we start to put together a tentative attendance list before I start doing some work on this?

So far we have:

Joby (hosting)

I am definitely up for this - well done Joby for volunteering

Yeah I’m a Garmin person myself so I’d like to learn a bit more about them even though I don’t have a bike GPS yet :slight_smile:

Ok R2D2.