2013 Camping weekends

Back in 2006 LB organised a long weekend down in the boondocks camping.

And it was a great success.

Some other weekends have seen more camping trips but they haven’t been ‘official’ ones so it is high time we did it again.

Suggesting regarding venue would be welcome - it should be far enough to have the ‘going away’ feeling but not 5 hours so peeps don’t arrive until silly o’clock.

At this time I’m thinking that our car could act as a support vehicle so people can drop gear at ours during the week leading up to it. Something like that anyway.

So who’s up for it and lets have some suggestions re venue.

yup. Resident bush mand willing and ready :smiley:

Tents, mud and Jaime.

Julie feels the call of the wild.

Shes so friskie Ive had to lay a trap in the bed.

A couple of camping weekends sound good.

plenty of cheap places just over the water in France try this link its has bike friendly ones as well


East Anglia Hunstanton ish good coast roads to ride

Somerset Bridgewater area site we used few years ago, good roads over Exmoor/Dartmoor

Abergavenny get in and around the Brecon Beacons

also make a weekend at a BSB/Santa Pod/Mallory Festival BBQ/piss up

will keep an eye on the dates as interested in this as well

Fancy taking the lead on this one Steve? I’m liking the East Anglia option particularly. Going abroad is an option sure but might just be a few miles / ££s too much. But we’ll keep it in mind, perhaps if the first one works well?

i only camp if theres nice showers and facilities, :smiley:

fixed it for ya love !!!

provisional dates Fri 3rd May to Mon 6th May that’s a bank holiday weekend

Will check out some dates/sites for info and get back to you Andrew

here is another website I will check


+1 and if it’s a site with the option of hiring a yurt/ ready assembled tents etc even more likely to come :o) Not very good at ‘roughing it’!

that’s sodding expensive

facilities and open fires are a must for me.

Kingsdown campsite in Dover is right next to the beach and is on a hill so spectacular views. They allow open fires in 2 large clearings or in-basket fires (small) at the tents. They also have dormitories for those less inclined to want to camp :slight_smile: £5-£10 per night is a good price

There are cool campsites in essex with everything you could ask for and also has a small shop inside to sell you everything even beer :smiley: (could find out the name if needed)

PS, I’d fully want to do a Santa Pod camping trip!!! :smiley:

Not sure of the facilities and showers there but the drag strip is calling the King! :cool:

Santa Pod weekend is a must as well

JAPFEST Finals later in the year

was good fun last year

Triumph Live at Mallory Park

On Track action all day (Racing and Demo rides)
Trade stands
Stunt shows
Tour bus taking you around the triumph factory
Live Bands in the evening
Plenty of food and beer sellers

Not sure about camp fires?

and a lovely 4 star hotel up the road for me. :smiley:

Hence why I said ‘with the option’ - would not want to spoil the fun for the hardier types amongst you!

Lots of good ideas.

The Triumph Live one yes I’ve heard good reports and might be great for the more hardcore bikers amongst us.

Otherwise, Jaime and Steve why don’t you two hook up somewhere and pick a place and a date then research it to make sure it’s ok with bikes etc etc. ?

Let me know and we’ll throw it up.

Otherwise we’ll have a million suggestions but it’ll be Autumn.

We should go to west lulworth (durdle door) its about 2h30min ride there are showers and toilets and its next to one os the most beautiful sea spots in uk

We should go to west lulworth (durdle door) its about 2h30min ride there are showers and toilets and its next to one os the most beautiful sea spots in uk

asimplerider Top Tip, Have a look at the dates the original thread’s where posted it may save some confusion :slight_smile: