2012 ZX-14R vs Hayabusa : Drag race

I wouldn’t go as far to say “most dominant”.

It does look amazing and is really fast. It’s still a sports tourer though :slight_smile:

I think it’s one of the best looking big bikes at the moment! thats for sure. :cool:

pointless unless you live in Germany and could actually cover some serious ground legally. How fast does it go in 1st? 110 maybe?

Now switch riders and see if there’s a difference!

I didn’t know it was possible to make a big uglier than a Hayabusa, but I was wrong, Kawasaki have proven it is :w00t:

Proves one thing, a busa is quite fast in a straight line, but not the best. Still the ugliest though, so it can hold its head high.

i think the kwak looks great.

It don’t look gr8… its looks fokin epic!!! :w00t::smiley:

err they did.

The Kwak clearly is the faster bike, but with a slightly bigger engine size, it isn’t entirely surprising.

Downhill drag strip? Is there anything Americans won’t cheat in?

i want a qwaka again and it clased as a sports tourer so ull be surprised at the insurance lol

Yeah the Kawasaki was faster but there wasn’t much in it really. I think they’d both blow your head off. I’d imagine you could modify a Blackbird to keep up too.