2012 yamaha R1 in the flesh

well i didn’t even though this was being released yet but theres one in infinity clapham and looks nice. its slightly different but the big changes is traction control all 6 modes of it and a nice price drop by £500 with the akra end cans :slight_smile:



75 views and no fu.cking posts thought this was a biking forum

actually no, it’s a lifestyle, comedy and drama forum, apparently…

Neat bike indeed, wouldn’t mind one in my garage at all :w00t:

Looks mean, vampire-ish almost.

yeah, the’re all rushing down Infinity to put a deposit on :slight_smile:

At that price yeah right

yeah true, & i doubt their open at 4.40am…

its a Yamahahaha nuff said :slight_smile:

Maybe if it was in red/white but it’s still a grand too expensive.

Don’t know if it’s the photo but that is one ugly bike. It looks stretched across the face.

i think i’m past buying R1s, but I like it. Would have to be blue one for me though.

looks a ubber beast

Looks nice, but thats a lot of cash. I hope they sell loads, jap bike makers could do with a good year in 2012

It reminds me of megatron.

The 2011 was far too much of an animal so I can’t wait to get my butt on this one soon.

Im with Kev, that is one hacking bike… Those lights look well gash

Brilliant bike.

But not keen on the exposed lighting arrangement - would pefer it if they were behind a perspex cover.

aye, agree with that. it’s the only thing I don’t like much about the new R1, behind a cover, as previous ones, would look better

Those are the ram air ducts

And the award for stating the f*cking obvious goes to… :wink:

Yeah - I know - I hate the way the lights just poke out of them. :slight_smile: