2012 Yamaha R1 colours.

Not too sure about the black and white but love the matt grey one

Understated is good. :slight_smile:

I like the lines on the bike :slight_smile:

I quite like the grey.

Just seen a white one today near A21. Thought it a track bike :-/

I guess it’s one of the effects of massive double dip recession that we have been reduced to commenting on new colour schemes rather than new models like we used too . . . :smiley:

I quite like the matt grey too. I don’t like however that it’s not standing in me drive way :frowning:

A very nice colour scheme. White would be a b*tch to keep it looking clean though.

Also what the latest showroom price for this Bike? Isn’t it something crazy like £11-12 grand? Ouch :pinch:


The nose has been modified slightly as well.

and the blue colour scheme

Wow! I nearly spat my drink out. That’s a whole lotta change!

It’s not that long ago that you could’ve bought a reasonably priced car for that much! :blink: :stuck_out_tongue:

'ark at 'im! “In my day, you could go out with a shilling and still have sixpence change for the bus 'ome” :smiley:

Tried to make me have some rim tape an I say no, no, no.

I say it looks crap, they say too bad an I say no, no no

I ain’t got the time to pick off all those lines

They tried to make me have rim tape and I say no, no no:angry:



LoL :hehe: