2012 Fireblade - I want one I want one



that has one of the ugliest rear ends ive ever seen…

Which end Steve? I really quite like it!

I don’t want one.

I want TWO!!!

A tail tidy could easily sort that out.

I’d rather not own one, 1198 or BMW.

C’est Bon !!

that is hot …think I just got a semi

I have been doing some searches and alot of websites keep carrying on about people who wanted a V4 Fireblade will be disappointed… Well, I think they will die disappointed, because a Fireblade is a CBR which will NEVER be a V4, cuz a CBR is a Cross Beam Racer, as in Inline 4, as in NOT a V4… V4’s would be VFR… V-Twin is VTR, etc etc…

Silly rabbits…

As a chunky beggar, I may have to get my next bike from Chun Kee Motorcycles:P

Great bike, not much different from the current blade, i love my blades the one thing i do like it the digital dash, very pretty!! Apart from that it all looks fairly similar, in a way its a good thing, you can pick them up for 9 - 10.5 k - 5 k cheaper than the 1198, and 6.5 cheaper the the RSV 4, then take an extra 5 k and spend it on mods yourself, things you want like rearsets, full systems, ohlins etc, and you will have a far better machine than the 1198 or the RSV4 and it wont be the same as everyone else’s!!


Looks like every other blade…Winter is here now and summer in this country is crap…So for that reason I am out

Yep like the look of the new bike. I’ll be keeping mine until to the all new blde gets released.

I prefer the new one to what we have now.

I agree it’s got a really ugly arse, they’ve done a good job with the speedo but the rest is the same old bike. You would have thought they would have done something radical to compete with the BMW S1000RR.
It was a toss up for me between the S1000RR and the Fireblade, at the moment I’m going with the S1000. Although tried one out over the weekend and it will take some getting used to…it takes me out of the comfort zone of the naked bikes which feel like an armchair by comparison.


I was waiting for this to change the Gixxer but, no V4, no traction control. Real shame!