2011 ZX10R on board


Dear Father Christmas,


great find!

Don’t know if its the riders style, but it looked heavy on the turn, like it was struggling to turn in… ?

I always get nervous when pre race season rumour includes the phrases “Kawasaki”, " next year" and “Looking very good/quick/awesome”… there’s always a bit of a let down when it actually comes face to face with competition…

Exactly. We’re hoping that they really get it right this time, despite past evidence.
But I really like the look of this one [fingers crossed :slight_smile: ]

Ah, eternal optimism in the face of over-whelming evidence…

Looks lovely and by all accounts is going to a proper piece of kit on the circuit.

Love the dash, very motogp.

More than likely it will need the suspension looking at as it will come set too hard, but all in all a contender to BMW for 2011.

I wonder how many ZX10’s there will be racing at privateer level next season compared to the BMW?

they were doing well with the 600 last year, joan lascorz was fighting for the win more or less every race until he got injured.

weather the new ZX10 does well at racing or not it will be an amazing bike

Think it’ll be alright geezer…Last year’s ZX6R had vastly improved suspension to previous models as Kawasaki switched to Showa and their Big Piston Fork technology as opposed to the previous Kayaba cack (Suzuki did the same to improve the front end of their K9 1000).

This new 10R has similar forks and should work very well on track and it seems it has even more usable power and low down grunt than the mighty BMW due in part to a longer stroke motor, so should be very nice on the road too.

Can’t wait to test ride one in the new year.