2011 Hondas new 'revolutionary' scooter

you thought its another DN didnt you! :stuck_out_tongue: well its not as ugly but Honda claim its as revolutionary… (we’ll see)

Honda New Mid Concept reinvents the way we look at two wheeled travel. This concept combines innovative thinking and new technology to create a multi discipline machine.

Taking the spirit of a sports motorcycle and the comfort of a scooter into a totally new format, the New Mid Concept will offer the energetic riding sensation of a motorcycle but with the ease and convenience of a scooter. This sector shattering combination of features creates a bike that is both visually dynamic and enjoyable to ride.

The latest engine technology has been coupled with the advanced Dual Clutch Transmission technology up to now exclusively offered on the VFR1200F. Now Honda has committed to offer this technology to more of our customers, as it challenges decades of motorcycling convention and gives riders a unique sensation of seamless gear shifts.

Dual Clutch Transmission will give the rider the option of experiencing a pure riding experience, indulging in the thrill of the winding roads, or riding with ease when weaving through city traffic. In addition to giving a dynamic riding experience, this new transmission can also deliver fuel efficiency better than a conventional manual gearbox.

The foot-forward position will provide comfort for the rider and offer additional protection from weather.

The newly designed 17 inch wheels with PRO-LINK rear suspension add to the motorcycle look and enhance high speed stability and maneuverability with the optimum size radial tyres giving a sporty ride. The front fairing air vents coupled with the larger wheels will deliver greater stability when riding at higher speeds.

The New Mid Concept from Honda – challenging the way we travel.

from HfL

Wow - radial tyres. :crazy:

V cough Max cough :smiley:

It’s got a chain and exposed sprocket :w00t: shouldn’t be called as scooter IMHO.

I just bought a Silverwing 600 recently. It’s gonna be dropped down a notch on the scooter superiority list when this is released.

Whoops! As of yesterday the Silverwing is obsolete. Honda just launched the SW-T600. Can’t tell the difference myself, but I’m sure a Silverwing owner could.

Lol Honda are doing it big stylee!
2010 was Kawasaki going apeshit with updates.
2011 has been pwned by Honda.

This will go down well in Barcelona!

Not really a scooter is it. More a bike without a tank in the right place.:slight_smile:

The new Silverwing (which hasn’t been updated for a decade) looks like they have just stuck a Burgman front end on it, and the Mid concept seems to take everything that a scooter rider wants, like storage and ease of maintenance, thrown it out, and then added some excuses for a huge price tag.

Just noticed the Silverwing pictures are from Scooter-Station - famous for photoshopping non-existent scooters by adding elements for other bikes - this is their claim for a new Piaggio but all the elements come from X8/X9 and Nexus images -

This one may be real though -

The BMW is real and a production version (no doubt less the blue tyres and rear view cameras) WILL be on sale within a year or two at most. The BMW CEO announced that they think maxi scoots are a growth area and will be profitable. Smaller scoots/peds are going to be looked after the Mini brand.

What a dog’s dinner. Can there really be a market for this?

more BMW scooter info here