2010 S1000rr for sale...........

Still for sale as I thought I had been sold but the tyre kicker pulled out.

Hi all, selling my S1000rr as have been offered a new job and will be moving abroad for a few years.

2010, full sports package, traction control, gear shift assist, etc. 17k miles

Extras: Tinted double bubble screen, R&G crash mushrooms and cotton reels, carbon fibre side panels, new brake pads, new chain & sprockets, AC Schnitzer handlebar conversion (can be changed back in 30mins), tail tidy, Stompgrip, extra bellypan extender. All standard parts included. BMW service history. Bike based in West London.

Asking £7,990 or nearest offer


ajoe90 / Aidan

email: [email protected]

mob: 07562-299390

Nice bike but not too quick. Or is that down to the rider.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all going ahead then…:cool:

Would people on this site please stop tempting me thats all.

Yes you’re right, I’m having to leave the country in shame as I just couldn’t do the bike justice…:stuck_out_tongue:

You are welcome to make a bid on it Chris, it doesn’t leak oil like some “other” bikes out there :w00t: haha

It is mate, sorry to be leaving but another chapter in life presents itself…

Go on, u know you want it, I give u good price Mister!!! haha

Gonna knock £400 off to see if I can get some interest going in this…:wink:

How about £7590 ono ???

Perhaps you would like to leave it with me to look after for you Aiden…:smiley:

i dont suppose thats £795 OONO is it? :wink:

just had to scroll to the top to double check lol

LMFAO :laugh: :smiley: :laugh:

350 for a quick sale to a good home.

We`ll look after it and sell it back to you with 20,000 a year for a cool 200.

Nothing lost, well run ii and the Julie wash each weekend.

No deals, this is our final offer.

hmmmmm…wanna part ex?

my back wheel is still good to go.



Go on go on , Lend it to Alba, many bikes are worth more in bits that the whole thing :smiley:

:smiley: I ran it pass the misses, didn’t go down too well, brought up the 7 year engagement! When’s the wedding issue!! :w00t: :Whistling: old R1 does me fine :stuck_out_tongue:

these bikes dont seem to fetch much these days:laugh:

so i’ve been thinkin, very dangerous.:Whistling:

i’ll give you £5000- and teach it how to go up fish hill:w00t::w00t:

then trac it for 2 years:hehe::hehe:

then you can have whats left when you come back:laugh:

just bumping this up for u mate really:smooooth::wink:

Might help if you take the grandad bars off. Bit gay lets be honest.

gotta agree with rixxy there about the bars. 30mins to change it? get on with it. lol.:slight_smile: