2010 Kawa Z1000

looks menacing!! not sure about the combination of white black and orange tho :ermm:

Good to see they have gone back to eccentric chain adjusters:)

Such a shame that fugly can hides them:D

looks like a cb 1000r !!!

The exhaust looks naaasty.

Those pipes are hideous – looked at these last year and they are lovely bikes, but they should have employed someone else other than Carlos Fandango to design the cans! :slight_smile:

looks like a dog’s breakfast. . . :sick:

i quite like the current model:)

some more pics

it does look like the CB1000R

The modern crop of naked bikes do tend to look like transformers.:smiley:

can i ride pillion? :smiley:

Looks much better in the Black and Grey:D

Nice ride, wanna buy it Pan?

Kawasaki have releases a video as well


That’s what I was thinking PJ, swap the cans for some after market ones and it’ll look very nice, why Kawasaki went away from the cans they fitted to the original Z750 and 1000 when it was introduced a few years back I’ll never know, the twin anodised gold peashooters used to look good. :slight_smile:

The ad is OK but the bit afterwards, which I guess is supposed to be halfway between a human and computer-generated voice (??) actually sounds like the narrator was handed a sheet by an advertising agency and asked to read it out loud . . . none of the above actually being riders! :slight_smile: