2010 HRC stolen China Town NCP

Another blade gone from Chinatown today.

My colleagues bike who only just got a replacement from the other blade he had knicked in September.

******* cnts.

Will fill in more when i know…

i dont mean to sound funny, but when will people learn?

a nice shiny bike in central london is a no no really…the more people that have a bike, gets nicked, is repaced with another that gets nicked…before long…you wont be able to get insured in london, well its almost liek that now.

by all rights you should be able to leave your biek anywhere with out worry…but this is london, it dont work liek that, never has.

get a cheaper worn bike, save the shiny new bikes for nice days, not commuting to work on.

that all said i honestly do hope he gets it back:)

wot ratty said and also i would not be surprised the attendants in some car parks make a call when a nice bike is there.

Not so …

I left shiny new motorcycles parked on London streets without any form of security from '69 through to '76, with just one incident of attempted theft. I feel the problem we have today is how the courts deal with convicted criminals. Our Magistrates appear to be out of touch with the reality of what is happening on our streets.

im in the area an getting three hour breaks at the moment from 11 till 2 if an up for any direct action / sting operations :slight_smile:

'69 - '76???

This place would have been almost a different country!

No respect for anything these days and it’s only getting worse.

shocking, they are bastards!!

thing is it wasnt parked on the road! title says NCP! :ermm:

omg sorry to hear that mr.

That’s gotta hurt. Don’t NCP have video cameras?

It is a disappointment that you can’t buy a nice bike and ride it to a proper car parking facility and find it there when you come back. And annoying that someone like NCP, who aren’t short of a bob or two, can’t be big enough to secure bikes in their parking facilities. Bikes are the minority of users, smaller, of less value and easier to secure than their main custom, so to my mind it wouldn’t be a huge effort for them to help us.

Shame. Sorry to hear that. I was reading about another guy whose orange-silver blade was stolen in West London, that was found and only to be stolen again, but was found again. Perhaps yours is just in a crate somewhere.

Yep. I feel the same.

Art (15/03/2011)

Oh don’t. Just recently I read about a guy who kidnapped and locked a 10-y-o in the boot of his car, took the kid to a field and raped him/her. What did the guy get? 2 years. In all honesty, ANYONE could be a murderer, paedo, rapist, fraudster… whatever and who’s gonna know? Doubt bike thieves rank nearly as highly as them.

pisses me off you tell the police and all they do is issue a crime number!!! and shrug there shoulders!

if i was a police officer its an easy nick simple just set up a trap hey presto easy peasy!!

there you go so whats the problem with that mr policeman?

why why why why why why why why why why why why why cant you do that???

answers with out bullshite please

what security was on the bike at the time?

I believe from what he just told us that it was just a chain around the back wheel (quite tight). Not sure if it would have made a difference chaining it to something as they cut the chain anyway :frowning:


There is a whole lot more to it than that mate. Way more than you would ever believe.

If I put a bait bike in the street, waited for a skank to come and steal it, then followed them to the “warehouse” or whatever whilst on a (handsfree) mobile to the police - would i get support from them??

probably not.

its a nice idea, and we’ve all thought of it. but its much harder to execute.

I would suspect the ‘pro’ bike thieves are more ‘pro’ than just stealing bikes…maybe the police would need an armed unit to stop them?

i am sure there is but gis a clue, but why should it be like that? if no one can give an answer from the powers above what is joe bloggs gonna think, well ok being in europe fks it right up but look wots under big ben theres a clue

nope, aint that the truth?not knocking anyone here but 99% of the time thats the truth